Content Writing

"Content is King Online!"

Creating Unique and Engaging Content!

A great looking website also needs engaging content for the user to be successful these days on the internet. Google and other search engines will appreciate it and increase traffic to your site, but also will be an endorsement to your business on how professional you are.

Well-written content is essential to drive traffic to your site and engage it`s users. With regards to commercial entities, the emphasis on appealing content would be structured in a way that would inspire the user to make a purchase or at least enquire further about the particular product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an extremely strong method of increasing exposure for a website online and the visibility of a companies products, services and branding is increased on many search engines including the Top 3: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Well written content added on a regular basis is essential to achieve good rankings and stay on top and in turn drive sales or enquiries to the business.

Digital Marketing

Creating strategies and developing websites to help our clients move up the commercial ladder help their business grow by generating new customers for them through smart design, content and effective SEO campaigns.

Good effective content writing plays a major part in any Digital Marketing Strategy, including Social Media entries.

Website Content Writing

Well written copy in the past was often looked over and it was the design and functionality of the site that was key to success online.

Nowadays, copy cannot be ignored and relevant, fresh and unique content is NOW the key to success online. Most companies want to be Number ONE on search engines for certain chosen phrases especially Google and a cohesive and structured content is needed to achieve this goal.

Brochure Writing

When creating a new brochure; the photography, images, design and the printing are the main factors that often have the most time invested in developing and the copy can be an after thought.

The overall purpose of the brochure is as a sales tool and some snappy engaging headlines especially on the cover need to be addressed to help bring the point across. Headlines, informative paragraphs, snappy bullet points, eye-catching sub headings and back up quotes are what is needed to finish the brochure of to a high standard.

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