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PHP7 - How much better is it!

The general-purpose scripting language PHP which is a common and a well suited server-sided code for website development has a new version recently released: Number 7. This can be delivered over many applications: websites, mobiles and even the cloud. It's previous version was PHP5 launched in 2004 (what happened to php6 I hear you say, a long story!) was a popular and well utilised language, but the latest version brings with it performance improvements, less memory consumption and a varied array of new language features to help applications rise above the clouds so to speak. The new engine will see compared to the last version PHP5.6 an increase in performance of 100% and 50% decrease on memory use, which is a win win situation for all applications involved.

  • Open Source

    There are many PHP developers out there creating, developing and maintaining new applications.

  • Speed

    its fast, enough said!

  • Ease of Use

    Similar to C which makes it familiar for many developers and connects to databases easily.

  • Stable

    There are so many developers out there, that when a bug is found it is quickly fixed.

  • Powerful Library Support

    PDF's, Graphs etc. functional modules are easily located.

  • Database Connections

    Many websites are database driven for their content etc. and PHP makes this easy and with it being so popular means that the development time for web apps is reduced dramatically.

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

    Can run on many platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac.

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New Site Online: OURS!

Our new website has just been developed and gone live. We hope you like it and find it informative about what we do, who we are and all our creative services. We would love to hear from you and if have any suggestions to improve the site then please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

We are a dynamic and creative web design agency that deliver an effective service for our clients and their online digital marketing needs.

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