Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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We use the latest SEO tactics and techniques to deliver the best possible Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients. Help their business grow online and convert more sales and utilisation of their services.

The movie Field of Dreams was famous for the phrase "If you build it, he will come", but when it comes to building websites and promoting your site online that is not always true. You need to be proactive in marketing your site and this is where a good and well planned SEO campaign comes in to give your website the attention it wholeheartedly deserves.

There is no point in having a lovely looking site if no one can find it and this is where we come in to push the traffic through to your site and in turn create new business.
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an extremely strong method of increasing exposure for a website online and the visibility of a companies' products, services and branding is increased on many search engines including the Top 3: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Target Rankings

With regards to Google there are 2 types of searches; Organic and Paid. SEO deals with the organic part of rankings with Google and the organic part has the greatest share of searches and thus deemed the most important and the more difficult to achieve.

Google Analytics

Every SEO campaign needs a careful study of the site`s Google Analytics Data which can reveal how long a user spent on a page, what page they landed on, what key phrase was used to find the site, where they came from etc. This information is so important in creating a plan to boast the site`s online presence.

Traffic Increase

A targeted increase in traffic is a significant factor for greater online success and therefore overall business success. This can show that the on-going SEO campaign is going in the right direction and therefore should continue in its implementation and if the traffic to the site should fall then it could highlight if there is a problem to address.

We use the latest on-page and off-page techniques to help build and drive traffic to your website. Utilising the correct words/phrases that customers would use to find a website in a certain sector and build or rebuild the page in question accordingly.

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"Seeing a nice level of enquiries"

"Just a quick note to say how impressed we have been with the new website and the noticeable increase in leads from it and our move up the rankings on Google, no doubt from your behind the scenes Web Wizardry !! It is also most refreshing to deal with a tech company who has the time and patience to explain and listen to those of us who are not very savvy on these matters.

We are also very impressed with the fact You are always contactable and respond with great speed to our requests and queries all at an extremely competitive price. Keep up the great work."

All The Best, Neil, Rhyno Movers.

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The Strategy

What`s the point in creating a lovely looking website if nobody can find it online!

Our websites are created with the user and search engines in mind. They will not only look good, perform well, but also be search engine friendly. The SEO comes mainly into play after the site is launched and is an on-going campaign to achieve the best possible rankings for the budget available and giving the client an impressive ROI! Though there is careful planning and execution before the site is finished to make the SEO campaign to follow as effective as possible.

Marketing Strategy

Target Rankings/Success

Traffic Increase

Copy Writing

GOAL: To Bring A Steady Flow Of Targeted New Visitors

Our bespoke SEO campaigns are all about bringing the client new business in the form of targeted conversions every month to ensure the best possible sales from their website. Careful analysis of the site, traffic inflow, the competition and the industry itself and all being inline with the latest web standards, is the key to success.

seo campaign success
  • The SEO services we use for our clients` campaigns include:

    Analysis of the Competition and the Market in question to reveal any improvements to be made.

  • Onsite SEO

    Manual and Automated testing can show if there any problems on the site that need to be addressed, also content review and suggestions.

  • Offsite SEO

    Link building strategy and social media campaigns to bring greater awareness of the brand and the website.

  • Optimising Conversions

    There is no point in bringing users to the site if they cannot be converted into new business. Therefore, a strategy is needed to be researched and drawn up to achieve the best possible conversion rates from the users visiting the site.

We Live and Breathe Search Engine Optimisation

We are passionate about creating websites, but that is only the beginning to online business success as the site also has to be Search Engine Friendly to begin with and then a targeted marketing campaign should be implemented to bring the traffic through because without a steady stream of traffic, the site won't flourish and will not be utilising its full potential.

Companies want to rank highly on Google, Yahoo and Bing to achieve their online success. The problem is how to go about it as there is a myriad of information and even misinformation about the tactics used and they have to be up to date to avoid any penalties e.g. Penguin or Panda Google updates. This is where we come in to help ease the pressure and guide our clients to the top of the rankings. It is not a Dark Art or have any Magic involved just a well-thought-out targeted marketing plan to achieve the best results, that is ethical, logical and abide to all the rules laid out by e.g. The Google Guidelines.

Content Marketing

We have been supporting Small and Medium businesses throughout the UK by providing professional content driven link building to relevant targeted sites through great talent and resources. Our excellent service provides support and advice to take our client's business in a new direction and to help it grow and be successful. Content marketing is a great proven and powerful way to market a company’s business and services online. We research and provide useful, unique and google friendly content that can be published across a range of platforms to target customers to the site and in turn strengthen the digital brand of the company and help it stand out from the crowd!

seo campaign success

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